I finally took care of all the spring chores, and got some time to do a quick update. These photos are from the last NYC trip. Yes, yes I am still sitting on two photo sets from DC, one from Boston and one from NYC. I will slowly upload them. It’s a bit repetitive when some people nag about it… makes me want to take out my whip and go to town on them (ง •̀_•́)ง . please remember that my photos are all free, taken during my free time and all done with care. Call me a perfectionist, but I rather not to do something at all than to rush it.

The people close to me may already know this, but I’m moving forward on some minor plastic surgery. Which is why I will be taking the Month of August off ლ(╥﹏╥ლ). I will try keep the details to 1 on 1 conversations. Too many people insist on giving unsolicited advice when plastic surgery details were mentioned last time. Everything have been planned out through the past 3 years. I had originally planned to do some minor stuff back then, and it got pushed back when I decided to focus on getting a better place. Looking back, that was definitely the right decision consider the market’s situation back then. So now plastic surgery is back on my schedule and I couldn’t be more prepared for it. Again it’s very minor and the main goal is I won’t have to do as much make up every day, so it won’t change my look much at all.

With the serious stuff out of the way, now we can talk about my photos. This set is just a casual set from NYC, with one sexy preview shot for another set taken in DC ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) that is coming up next. The street shots are mostly taken on 5th ave. A friend of mine wanted to check out the Nintendo Switch event, and I wanted to check out some flagship stores. Come to think of it, I never really took my time and enjoy NYC after all these week long trips. It’s an interesting feeling when the same city can feel so different when you are casually walking around with no purpose versus hurrying along with the crowds. I feel like an observer during the former and part of the crowd during the latter. The city is much more enjoyable with an empty agenda and a relaxed mind. Either way I hope you enjoy this change of pace and maybe I will add a category of casual photos besides the sexy ones.

新照片出炉,不好意思又是隔了好久才更新… 春天没办法,又要做税又要清理东西。而且最近来来去去纽约华盛顿跑了好几次,拍了好多照片也都没来得及发呢。然后网上就好多人过来烦,逼着问我要新照片… 拜托人家是免费发福利照好不好,专业的器具花好多功夫拍出来的,再被催小心我暴走变皮鞭女皇~!!(ง •̀_•́)ง (然后偷偷的承认其实自己一在家呆几天就开始偷懒)

这次的照片只有一张是大尺度,其他都是纽约的街照。大尺度那张一套的下次会全部发出来。纽约的任天堂本店那两张是一个朋友要去看 Switch 的试玩活动,之后就在第五大街逛街。突然发现我在纽约很久都是来去匆匆,即使每次都是在这里住一星期也是很少一整天都能自由的转。自从发现了可以在退房之后把行李都托管在宾馆这个小窍门,我才开始把临走的最后一天定为休息日,纽约也好华盛顿也好可以自由的空手转一天。慢慢发现每个城市在我跟着人流飘来飘去的时候和我自由自在的转的时候感觉差很多。跟着人流有目的的行走虽然感觉自己是城市的一部分,但是也完全不会注意到周围的亮点,脑海里只会有宾馆和目的地。而轻松下来之后才会想起抬头看看周围,完全把自己当作游客的感觉也蛮不错的,即使很熟悉的城市也能找到新鲜感。话说中国伪娘在纽约应该也有不少吧?不知道有没有这类的群呢?我认识的TS主要都是美国的,亚洲的也绝大部分都是菲律宾和零星几个韩国。平时有闲心又伪街老司机的可以联系出来玩哦~


Here are the preview photos from Florida~! I stopped in Key west and Orlando for the majority of the trip and both places are super photogenic. So I ended up with tons of photos… good news for you but bad news for me until I upload them all (ಥ⌣ಥ) I only picked one from each set here, and I will be slowly uploading set by set once I settle down at home. I will be away for a little bit this weekend as well as middle of next week, so it will take a little while. Just pretend these are Valentines day special photos, hopefully it’s enough to “satisfy” ԅ(≖‿≖ԅ) The green place is where I stayed in Key West, themed vacation home called “Namaste”, so naturally I brought an Asian themed outfit for the garden and a military type outfit for the “jungle”. Then there are photos from my DC trip and some casual traveling photos in town and Disney world.

弗洛里达旅游归来,主要在基韦斯特和奥兰多玩,两边都是很适合拍照的地方。于是不小心便拍了上百张照片… 南部白天的阳光太强所以好多挑黄昏和夜晚拍的,都是要慢慢修的图 (ಥ⌣ಥ) 临时发了几张有代表性的,等我在家安顿下来再慢慢上传。这个周末又不在家,下星期也有两天不在家,所以大家表急慢慢等哦。情人节之前肯定来不及再拍照了,所以这四张就当作情人节特辑看吧,表拿去做奇怪的事情哦 ԅ(≖‿≖ԅ) 好多树的是我在基韦斯特住的度假别墅,叫“南無”很亚洲风所以我就穿了一件亚洲风的迷你裙在院子里拍,而另一件是游击队风格的“丛林装”。后面也会发在华盛顿拍的没传的照片,也有不少旅游照在镇子里和迪斯尼乐园。

It has been a great year once again! I took a trip to China and Mexico, as well as some smaller trips to NYC and DC this year. I did get grounded home later on due to back to back maintenance issues with cooling and heating. It becomes hard to get back into the routine once you take a long break. (translation: it’s just me being lazy when the weather got cold >_<) Don’t worry tho, I will be taking small trips once again in 2017. It’s the same way with taking photos, I get burned out after making a few sets back to back and end up taking a month or two break. Talking about photos, I just noticed the improvements since last year. It’s a good feeling when your works get better after hours of practice and hardships. (translation: the massive camera upgrade paid off >_<)

I will be down in FL the first week of February and I will be sure to take the camera with me. Also I will likely to be in DC Jan 8th-13th, that will be confirmed soon. The photos I took in Mexico while on vacation got very positive feedback this year, so there will be more of those.

今年感觉很充实,又去了墨西哥又回了中国。只不过夏天时候来来回回几次去纽约和华盛顿的习惯被中途打断了,因为家里空调热水气中央电热能坏的全坏了一遍 (其…其实也是我后来天气冷就偷懒宅了) 不过2017还是会偶尔去南北其他城市转转。拍照片也是经常会偷懒一两个月。说到照片,无意中翻看老照片发现去年以来自己的进步很大。很欣慰能在自己不断努力后看到成果 (其…其实主要是去年底买了新相机) 

一月8号到13号应该会去华盛顿,之后二月第一周会去佛罗里达度假。不要怕我一定会带相机滴… 但愿到时候不要偷懒

Fun photo session with a dominatrix, and I tried to look mean but she pulls it off better. I actually took the solo photos with a different outfit, some ppl may not realize since the outfits are both black. She’s a GG btw, and she’s taller than me even without the heels. It’s a very fitting photo set for thanksgiving too. We can give the perfect “thank you” to everyone, either a light spanking, or heavy butt kicking. Perfect for the whole family. Just joking. I do want to give a thank you to everyone, hopefully I made your life a little bit brighter and it has been a wonderful year once again.

这次是和一个金发S女拍的片,好厉害的说。她不是伪娘,个子竟然快1米8,出门人人都看她完全把我无视 T_T。 合拍跟独照里我穿的是不一样的,一个是黑皮百褶裙另一个是条纹迷你。这次上照片正好赶上感恩节,所以我在这里感谢下今年所有来捧场的人。以前都以为只有美国人来这里看,现在才发现冷落了中文”读者”们。论坛上好多人都不知道我说不说中文,我是北京人,中文其实很好,所以以后会尽量双语发帖。

asian-alison-0596l asian-alison-0597l asian-alison-0598l asian-alison-0602l asian-alison-0603l asian-alison-0604l asian-alison-0605l asian-alison-0606l asian-alison-0607l

Sorry for the MIA last month, so many things went wrong I don’t know where to begin…… Well good news first, I was at the Henri David Ball in Philadelphia for Halloween this time and it went great!! As you can see I dressed up as a polar bear. Too bad the store didn’t have a panda version of the costume, that would have been perfect. I only included 3 photos since most of the them are very similar.

So now all the bad things happened last month…… as many of you may already know, my air conditioner broke twice this summer. Both caused by condensation problem on the control unit. That has been fixed since before my birthday in August, but the replacement board didn’t work with the heating unit. (My AC and heater are both the same system) I didn’t notice until it got cold for the first time last month. So that same board had to be replace the 3rd time this year. 3 days later, the 15 years old hot water heater tank bursted. That was another pricey repair, and there is still a big water mark left on my bathroom ceiling that I need to repaint. On top of all this a teeth filling came out and that led to a few dentist visits. Finally, everything broken has been fixed by the end of October!! The Halloween party was so important to me not because I want to party so badly, but it marks the day that nothing is broken in my condo.


asian-alison-0600l asian-alison-0601l

Just a quick update, I will be going to DC Dupont circle on Sunday July 10th and staying until 16th. I will be coming back to Philly after and no more traveling for a little bit until late August. Here’s a holiday photo, enjoy~! I will take more naughty stuff once I’m back.


Asian Alison 0595N

 I will be in NYC June 26th- July 2nd, Washington DC July 10th- July 16th,

 available in Philadelphia any day not listed above. 

So I have been thinking about getting breast enhancements and some minor facial plastic surgery possibly early 2017. This has been on my mind for a long time now, more than 3 years. It’s been on the back of my mind the whole time, but it has been pushed back in favor of other big decisions. Looking back at the past few years, my life has improved a lot. It’s been one big change after another, starting with the decision to move into the city; starting this website; getting a car; moving out of the tiny rental place; remodel the new place; start traveling a bit, and now it is finally time to look into plastic surgery. Don’t worry, I’m going for a natural look, I won’t get anything over the top.  There will be a 2 month recovery time after the surgery, and I will update the timeline on this site once the details are set.

Asian Alison 0586L

Asian Alison 0587L Asian Alison 0588L Asian Alison 0589L Asian Alison 0590L Asian Alison 0591LAsian Alison 0592L Asian Alison 0593LAsian Alison 0594L

Just got back from NYC and I will stay in Philly May 1st-8th, then head to Washington DC on May 9th.

It’s been a good week here in NYC~! This is my 3rd trip here since last year, and it gets easier and easier now that I’m use to packing up for week long trips. I bought some traveling gears for the plane ride to China months ago and they work nicely for traveling by train now. I basically have a whole set of  mini sized traveling items, mini carry-on case, mini computer, mini tripod, but what’s in my panties remain regular sized so don’t worry. Here are some photos taken in NYC, much better quality than the photos taken on my last NYC trip. It’s amazing looking back at the selfies I took on the last trip, how much better they have become.

Asian Alison 0582L Asian Alison 0583L Asian Alison 0584L Asian Alison 0585L

I’m in NYC next week~! It’s been half a year already since I was there. I’m arriving in on Monday April 25th, and staying until Sunday May 1st. Mostly staying in Manhattan. Of course the calendar on the right hand side has been updated weeks ago about my plans. That’s the best way to check up coming travels. Oh I will come right back to Philly on April 30th, then leave for Washing DC May 9th and stay for a week. Enjoy the new photos, kitchen counter was cold and hard on my butt >__< see how hard I work for these photos?


Asian Alison 0577L Asian Alison 0580L Asian Alison 0578L Asian Alison 0579L Asian Alison 0581L

I’m finally about to catch up on doing my taxes for last year. Here are the remaining photos from Mexico. There are more from the set, but due to the sunset timing of it, only very few photo came out decent enough to upload. It’s actually the same place where I took the white and pink outfit photos, except the that set was taken in the afternoon. There was a pirate ship that comes by the port every night and shoots fireworks. I wish any of the photos would catch it, but just getting the twilight hour was hard enough >___<

Asian Alison 0574L Asian Alison 0575L Asian Alison 0576L

So I’m adjusted after the month of traveling last month. People were asking why I didn’t take any sexy photos when I was in China, but only in Mexico. Well the temperature difference between the two places were about 60 degrees F. There’s no way I could dress like I did in the Mexico photos and go outside at all when I was in Beijing. On top of it, I was staying with family instead of a hotel. Plus, it’s not like I can take any sexy photos in front of any recognizable locations. Just like any other city I travel to, most of the time it’s only possible to take sexy photos in my own hotel room. Like you can see in the mirrors in this new photos set, I set the camera on and tripod and take the shots all by myself. This is ideal for indoors but a huge pain on the outside.


Asian Alison 0569L Asian Alison 0570L Asian Alison 0571L Asian Alison 0572L Asian Alison 0573L

Yaay, I actually finished uploading Chinese new year photos below without falling asleep from jet lag!! Enjoy~! The actual new year is on Feb/8/2016, but since not everyone gets the Monday off, I might as well celebrate it early by uploading my new set of photos. Hope you like this Lunar festival outfit, no, not all the girls in China dress like this during Chinese new year. Well maybe only in certain types of clubs, I wouldn’t know anything about that, wink wink. No no, I really didn’t do much when I was in Beijing this trip. It SUPER cold there this year, the coldest out of maybe 20 years. I don’t even remember any winters being this cold when I use to live there. The only outfit I can possibly wear out is a polar bear costume with fur. So I only took landscape photos while traveling, unlike the trip to Mexico which was perfect for modeling photo shoots. This Chinese new year photo set is taken at my bedroom again, oh and yes those are sexy dolls with tentacles in the background.

I know I have been complaining about my jet lag a lot, but trust me, 12 hours of sleep adjustment is basically the worst jet lag you can have. Going to any other place on earth will give you less jet lag than China, well, because it is exactly on the other side of the earth from US east coast. Another fun fact, when my initial flight from Philly- Dallas- Beijing was cancelled and American Airlines put me on British Airways Philly- London- Beijing flight, the two flights have exactly the same traveling time going two opposite directions. The American Airlines ticket was much cheaper than the British Airways ticket if they weren’t given to me for free (due to flight cancellation during the huge Jan/22/2016 blizzard). I actually spend 26 hours going to Beijing and 22 hours coming back. The London connection has extra 4 hours of waiting time. Good part is Heathrow airport is by far the biggest airport I have been to, surpassing Dallas international airport. Well I don’t know if it’s the biggest, but it sure has more eateries and high end shops. Anyways, speaking of jet lag, I’m off to bed and hopefully I will be adjusted soon.

Asian Alison 0563L

Asian Alison 0565L

Asian Alison 0566L

Asian Alison 0567L

Asian Alison 0568L

I got to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico safe and sound for a little vacation. This is a very nice resort town on the pacific ocean side of Mexico. The town is in between the hills and the beach, and the place I’m staying at is on the high ground overlooking the ocean. Naturally I brought some outfits for a little photo session, and below are the results. I don’t speak Spanish at all, but most of the locals working in hotel/ restaurants all speak decent English. It’s a town full of vacationers, so everything  is geared towards tourism. The port has cruise ships docked day in and day out, bringing in even more visitors. I will try absorb in as much of the sunny weather as I can and prepare for my Beijing trip next week.

Again, I will be back in Philly Jan 20th – 22nd, then head to Beijing to visit family. I will back in Philadelphia and available again after February 8th.

So I have a little extra trip planned right after I come back from Mexico. I would go to Mexico for vacation on the 13th – 20th, come back for 3 days then off to China to visit family Jan 23rd – Feb 3rd. I haven’t been back to China in a few years, so I decided to extend my vacation and get all of the traveling out of the way this year. The down side is, I will be so sick of flying when I’m back in the states. The flight to China will be 16 hours long in the air, and 2-3 hour layover. At least I won’t need to worry about hotels in China, since I will be with relatives. There might be an extra section added later for my traveling photos, it will be separate from my sexy modeling photos.

Don’t worry, I’m still in Philadelphia available before and after the trip.

Asian Alison 0556L

Asian Alison 0555L



I’m wearing more seasonal red outfits this time~! Merry Xmars and happy new year everyone~! The more recent photos are taken with a new camera, and they are turning out great so far. I mainly got the camera for videos in the near future, but turns out the photo quality is good as well. An extra thank you for those who got me camera accessories this year, as well as make up and other gifts.

I will be going away from Jan 13th until Jan 20th, taking a little vacation down in Mexico. Don’t worry, I’m still in Philadelphia available before and after the trip. .







I’m staying home in Philly until the end of the year, and here’s a Xmars photo set. Hope you enjoy it like I’m enjoying this warm weather! I normally try to stay inside as much as possible during holiday seasons, it’s always a good idea to avoid going out when the general public is out. This way I deal with less traffic, less crowded stores and empty shelves. People have asked me if Christmas is a thing in China, yes it is. Over there Xmars is mostly a shopping holiday, and malls would have all the seasonal decorations as well. People even wear red sweaters, that’s a tradition for “keeping away bad luck” around new year. So it’s actually not that much different than here, except nobody buys trees to put in their living rooms.





First enjoy a new photo with a little surprise poking out of my skirt ^__^

It’s been a few month since my first trip to New York, it’s time to go back! I will be arriving on the Sunday October 18th and leaving early morning on Saturday 24th. I might start to explore the city more as I get use to traveling there. Maybe next time I will stay through a whole weekend checking out all of the parties too. I will also be preparing for the annul Halloween Henri David Ball after I come back, yaaay! Lots of fun coming soon~

Just got back from a little relaxing road trip going south, and I’m already getting ready to get away from Philadelphia for the crazy traffic this weekend when the pope visits. It will be this weekend 25th~28th. Anyone planning on coming into Philadelphia for business should leave before Friday afternoon. Not only the city traffic will be mostly blocked, but for some odd reason they are blocking the entire i76, which is the only route connecting western suburbs and Philadelphia.

Oh well, I’m sure overall the pope visit will be a good thing for the city. I will try to make it back next Monday, so I’m still available before and after this coming weekend. Oh and lazy selfie this time, with my mirrored butt.


I came back from DC last weekend, and no more traveling for a little bit until mid to late September. I’m being a good girl for now ^__^ , oh but I’m still available here in Philadelphia. Part of the reason is my birthday, which is on the 22nd~! Yaay!! I have plans for that weekend. It will also be restaurant week for waterfront area and northern liberties in Philadelphia, right where I am. So I will mostly have fun that weekend and take care of some chores around the loft that were piled up from my traveling.

Good turn of events following up on the lost wallet in NYC 2 week ago, someone mailed it back to me!! Yaaay!! My cards are still replaced since they were ordered before I got the wallet back in the mail. Everything was in there, so I’m super happy ^__^ thank you whoever mailed it back.

So now my DC trip plan will go on as planned, Aug 2nd- Aug 8th, DuPont circle area like before, I promise I will be more careful this time  lol ^___^

Back in Philadelphia now until the end of July. I had a good time in New York City last week, but sadly I lost my wallet on the way home >___< well more like a card holder. No cash lost but I do have to replace all of my cards and drivers’ licence… which may delay my next trip possibly to DC, originally planned for the beginning of August. Every time I leave home, something small is bound to go wrong… sadface. I was mostly in midtown Manhattan, and I start to like the city more as I start to embrace walking and taxi over driving and subway. That’s the key to enjoy New York for people who are not familiar with the city. No more worrying about getting lost in the subway, and no more looking for parking forever.

My first trip to NYC this week, 12th – 18th! Yaay! I Will be heading out today, Sunday 12th and hopefully arrive in the afternoon sometime in Midtown east Manhattan. Then I will stay until the 18th before heading home. So it will be almost a whole week  >__<  It will be a bit hectic today trying to sort out the traveling stuff involved… but then I will be more relaxed during the week.


New photos are here!! I got plenty of new outfits to wear, it will be fun~ The logos on these photos are bigger and closer to my face to prevent people from claiming my photos as their own, there has been a few cases of that happening lately. Remember, I only use the name “risquevania” and “Asian Alison” publicly. If you see anyone else using a different but claiming my photos as their own, they are fake. The name “risquevania” is mostly used for SFW photo sites and hobby type of places like gaming forums. “Asian Alison” is mostly used for sites that prefer real world names over internet sounding nicknames, like Eros, TER and other adult only sites.

2014 has been one of the best years of my life. Actually, not “one of”, 2014 is the best year in my life so far. Many big changes in my life, all for the better in the end. People say “no pain no gain” all the time, but nobody enjoys hard choices when they first encounter them. I had no idea what will happen at the beginning of the year, no choice but to push everything forward and do the best I can. Now that I look back, every single decision, every single moment I second guess myself, all worked out in the end.

Enjoy this new photo set, its the same Halloween outfit I wore last year. But I have never taken a long set of photos with it, so here it is~

Thank you everyone for supporting me in many different ways, I look forward to a very bright 2015!


Happy Hallow… I mean holidays!! I know Halloween has passed, but I can’t stop posing in more costumes~ For those who are asking about the video thing, it will be done. I’m swamped by holiday stuff, including a major one involving my family member. Also like I mentioned last time, this site will get an update to unify the image sharing methods. The older photos were posted individually, while the new ones are embedded directly from imgur. Chances are, I will get to update my youtube channel before the X-rated videos get uploaded, the last update on there was over 2 years ago. Anyways, I’m keeping myself busy, so just relax and wait for new stuff to come out.

A few updated to this site coming soon, don’t worry it will only become easier to navigate. There was a problem preventing people from sending me gifts if they are not fullfilled directly by Amazon, under the wishlist link to the right. It is fixed now and go ahead try again if you tried to send me a gift for the holiday season~! It may be hard to believe, but without the support from my fans, this site wouldn’t be here. Even a simply reply on various sites and forums I post photos would give me the energy to go on.

So far all of my photos have been free, and the quality have been getting better and better. Looking back, my very first photo set were taken when I first got into college. The camera was a small compact handed down from my parents. If not for the people constantly complementing and encouraging me, I would have never continued to invest more money and time into my own website until it is the way today. Constructive criticism are always welcome, but keep them positive.

Back when I was still updating my youtube channel, there would be people stalking my site and bitch and moan about things. They are still there, sometimes on deviantArt, sometimes on reddit. It always seem funny to me when someone writes a page long essay complaining about free content, FREE content. One of the youtube channels I use to watch got picked up by a TV channel (/drive), and they stopped making full length free youtube videos. People are up in arms about it, one complaint in the comments struck it home for me:”Stop being selfish and post more free videos!!” Yes, people have the tenacity to demand more “Free videos” and call the others selfish. Sure, I will miss the videos that channel use to make, but they deserve to be paid for their hard work.

The internet is filled with spoiled brats, I understand that, but it still stings when people complain every time I put up ads on my youtube videos or when I put up the wish list. Many people, especially young people who have never lived out on their own, paying for their own living expenses, don’t understand the concept of “time is money”. It takes money to buy outfits and camera, and it takes time to take photos with them, then it takes time to put the photos onto my site, not to mention it takes money and time to keep this site up and running. Free content for them aren’t created free. I don’t have rich parent to cover my life, I don’t have a magical donor to pay for everything I do. All I’m asking is a little support from this point on, for the time and money I have spent on various site contents in the past 10 years or so.

Here are the Exxxoctica Atlantic City photos. There are more but some did not turn out too well due to poor lighting, I also put the porn stars’ names on the photos… for research purposes. No, I did not make any videos with them sadly… It was still very fun, I wasn’t expecting the girls to be so friendly. Some people would say “sure they are friendly, they are paid to be there”. Well I have seen internet cam “stars” with far more attitude than these girls. Most of the girls there seem to enjoy interacting with fans and other porn stars, plenty of them hang out around the casino while taking a break in groups. I might go back there again next year~

Lots of things to do, and food to eat for thanksgiving! Thank you for everyone that gifted me through the new wish list on the right hand side. I got quiet a few new sexy outfits through the mail yesterday. This outfit is one of them, I will always prioritize the gifted outfits to wear for my new photos.

I use to do the whole black Friday thing with my parents, but now I just check out some deals for cyber Monday. To be honest, with all the stores doing price match with Amazon all year round, black Friday is becoming less and less attractive for me. The real good deals are always limited quantity and often on older models that will go on clearance sale anyway. The whole myth about shops jacking up prices before pricing items on sale is also true. I witnessed it myself…

The current DSLR I’m using was $100 off MSRP a month before the black Friday of 2012. Then the store took away the discount a week before black Friday, then marked it $50 off on Friday morning. So all in all, the store jacked up the price by $50 while making it seem like a black Friday deal $50 off compare to the regular price. So I just follow something that I like fora while and get it whenever it goes anything below MSRP at all.

Squeezed back into my tight PVC maid dress for the photos this time. The lighting and camera settings are different the usual, I hope you like it! I have the right number of videos to start on the armature porn site, but  there are plenty of editing to be done before I can upload them. Oh, also the wish lists are added to the right hand side. Amazon will be mostly electronics and other living accessories, while yandy will be sexy outfits. Thank you for your support, these gifts will motivate me to make more content and updates~



Halloween was fun, Alexandria and I went to the Henri David ball as planned. She ended up winning the “most passable female impersonator”, the same prize I won last year. A few hundred people showed up at the event this year, a bit bigger than last year too. The 10 different pageant category are about the same, mostly judging costumes except the one for TS/CD/drag queens. The orange trophy is for 2014 and the purple is from 2013.

Now about the videos, they should be up in a week. I will put up a link to it just like how I’m linking to EROS and Tumblr on the right hand side. It will be an external site that handles the credit card info for buying my videos and or donations. This site will remain and the photos would always stay free. Basically this site will always be a portal to anything I post online, either locally or on external sites. Looking forward to it!!


So I will be posting some videos on clips4sale soon. Clips4sale is a porn site that only host videos made by other individuals or small studios, compare to most porn sites that make their own videos. I have seen plenty of girls on there that post regularly for years, so they seem trustworthy. But I do need at least 10 videos to start, and I’m working on it… very, very HARD. So far I have 3 or 4 good ones, so it should take another 2 weeks or so before my clips4sale partnership gets started.

To sum it up, I will start posting solo porn on a site that’s friendly with individuals who make their own videos.

Oh also more schoolgirl selfie, sorry… it’s my fetish, I turn myself on when I dress like this



I took a photo with this same nurse outfit a long time ago, and it got very positive feedback. So here I am with it again~ Pretty sure I will stick with the race queen outfit I posted last week for Halloween, but this one looks really nice also.

Every Halloween the “slutty costume shaming” gets starts on a lot of social media sites. The general idea is too many stores sell “slutty” costumes for women but not enough “normal” costume selections. To that I say welcome to Capitalism. Stores wouldn’t be selling it if  nobody buys them. Based on how much bigger stores like leg avenue has become, I would say lots and lots of women, or CD/TS love the outfits. Also it’s much cheaper and easier to make a sexy outfit look nice, just add lots of lace and elastic bands. In comparison, the outfits that cover more areas tend to be really cheap looking and aim toward comedy effects. Just walk around a seasonal Halloween store and you will see what I mean. In the end, it all comes down to the emotional minority making loud noises. If truly nobody likes the slutty costumes then many of the manufactures would be out of business.


Halloween is coming! Here’s the outfit I will be wearing this year, “race queen” in eastern countries or “pit babe” in western countries. I will be attending the Henri David Ball again this year, I did win the most passable TS/CD last year. No, I didn’t put up any photos from it due to poor lighting and really bad photo quality, expected from an evening event. I prefer to spend more time in private and controlled setting for better quality photos than to bother bystander and keep trying to make public lighting work. Anyone living in Philadelphia feel free to come out, it’s a huge event with hundreds attending at the center city Sheraton hotel on Halloween night. Plenty of TS/CD attend also, so first timers don’t have to feel nervous.



I have had this outfit for a few years, it was one of the very first complete outfits I got for Halloween. Looking back, many things changed, and vast majority of them for the better. Come to think of it, It’s time to make a new youtube introduction video. I will make it the same way I did the last, with lots of costume changes! Even a lot of the things I said in the last video have changed too, like many of my living habits and favorite things. That will take some time like the last one I did, but it will be worth it. Oh and it will be 3 minutes based on the eros video limit.

The office lady look is back~! The photo is taken in the new office room as well. Bedroom is visible in the back for those with good eye sights. The outfit have appeared in other photos before I believe, and it is my favorite. Pencil skirt suits are my favorite all around outfits. The short shorts with shirt I wear during summer always look casual and may not fit certain places when you go out. Unlike suit sets, which is easy to take off or keep on the jacket and make it look either business or casual. Also for winter, simply swap the jacket with a thicker coat. For those CD/TS who asked about where I normally shop for my outdoor clothes, these are from Express. They sell plenty of business casual looking outfits that can help you blend in most places without looking too bland. A lot of CD/TS love to start cloth shopping at sexy places such as bebe and the Victoria’s secret pink collection. The fact is, not everyone can pull off body hugging clothes like yoga pants. For those that knows their body type, anything can work. But more casual outfits are safer bet for those who just got started and trying to pass.


Have fun with these new photos, took them in the bedroom again instead of the living room for better lighting.

Someone asked about weight control for CD/TS a while ago and there’s no better time to talk about it than during a season change. For me, calorie is still the magic word.  Some believe in “healthy food” and “unhealthy food”, some believe in carbohydrates, some simply give up and blame all on genetics. At the end of the day, someone with 1200 calorie daily intake will always lose weight even if they eat only cheese and ranch dressing. This has actually been proven many times, simply reducing calorie intake per day will make someone loss weight no matter what type of food they eat. Of course, they might end up with scurvy or something if they completely avoid vital vitamins. The point is, calorie is the most important contributor to weight loss or weight gain.

However, I don’t count calories. It’s useful but very difficult to keep up, even with those health apps that allows you to input what you eat and count the calories for you. More often than not people will do it for a few days and eventually give up, just like how everyone give up on new years’ resolution. I find it much easier to get into a pattern than trying to control my every move every single day. My normal daily intake is between 1500 and 2000 calories, I know it without counting because I counted for a week and then just stick to always eating similar type of food everyday. Time to time I do go out and pig out on a single 1000+ calorie meal which will likely push the daily intake above 3000. I would keep that in mind and make sure the same won’t happen again until at least a week later. It’s the same idea that some people allow one day per week to be care free day.

Also, some amount of fat is good. Genetic females have higher percentage of fat than males, that’s why they often look “softer”. A softer look is almost always preferred for CD/TS. That’s why I don’t believe the low carb high protein/ high calorie intense workout ways of diet suit CD/ TS. Both ways will yield unwanted muscle definition.

I’m aware of the huge color divide in the middle of the photo in these 3 new shots. The bottom is the dark couch and the wall has too much contrast against it, I’m still experimenting where to set the lights up in the living room to take decent photos. I usually take 30 shots each week and pick the best 1~5 to resize and edit, and it takes maybe 2~3 weeks until I know how the lighting works best in a certain room. Naked eye and camera are different and the same view appear differently through them. The only way to find out if a photo will look good is taking a photo and look at it.

People regularly give me suggestions on how they would prefer the photos. I often keep them in the back of my mind and some people would keep reminding me of their suggestions. The thing is, I do try them out time to time, and 9 out of 10 times the photo do not come out good. The way I look at it, majority of people like my photos, so I rather trust my own judgement than anyone else. Of course, unless if there’s a suggestion that comes up repeatedly, then I would listen to the masses, or if the suggestion is from someone who is paying just to get a certain shot. Until then, enjoy the things I do as they are usually what the majority of my audiences prefer.


The living room is close to finish, as you can see in the back of the new photos. There are still some unpacked items in the back, I kinna like their look against the brick wall. So from now on most of the photos I take will be in the living room, or “studio” rather. It has way more room to work with and I can leave some lights around without running into them at night.

Oh also I started my chaturbate channel, just got age verified  and will officially start to live stream sexy shows. I do not know when I will be online, most likely between 8pm and 11 pm eastern time on days I’m free. The camera test session got 50 viewers, so it seems like people on there like me~ I don’t know any more details until I get the ball rolling, the name on there is AsianAlison and the link is https://chaturbate.com/asianalison


Happy Labor day~! Here’s a new set of 3 photos, instead of the 2 per set in the past month or two. Someone was asking about the bra and panty set I wear. I have a few sets of bombshell from Victoria’s secret, like this black leather trimmed set in the photos. Bombshell claims to give 2 cups push up, which is fairly accurate. But like any push up bra, you have to wear them very tightly for the extra cleavage to show. I very rarely wear low neck line outfit when I go out, so more often than not I wear these bras as normal bras with extra padding instead of push-ups for the cleavage.

This is very useful for TS or CD that don’t have visible boobs yet. Instead of wearing a set of normal soft bras with breast forms to make clothing fit, you can wear these which are soft on the inside and rigid on the outside with a very natural and perky looking outline to hold up your clothes. Meanwhile you don’t have to put up with the sticky and sweaty tape band on the breastforms or the extra weight they add which often shift around too much when you walk.


Oh, it’s my birthday. Thank you for all the happy b-day messages, I almost forgot myself… haven’t really celebrated in a long time.

Apparently uploading anything animated while abiding different size restrictions on various sites is an art by itself. Imgur, Tumblr, and a few forums all have different size limit for gif files that’s different than regular images. So the larger sized ones I already made couldn’t work, that’s why they are not uploaded yet. I would have to cut down the size quite a bit before they can work. I will try to make them shorter to reduce size instead of making the view size smaller. I’m sure most people would prefer a bigger and more clear gif loops for 3 seconds instead of a smaller and grainy gif that loops for 6.

Anyway horizontal selfies this time, more of the legs and butt people have been asking for. Feel free to reblog my tumblr site posts to other TS/ ladyboy tumblrs, gives me more incentive to take new photos~ Oh also the new living room is coming together, soon I can start on live streaming, perhaps on Chaturbate first.



Just made my first short gif, I will be posting it up later today or early tomorrow. And here are two new photos to go with the gif~ I will start to upload more photo sets soon, not the 16 photo per set like I did for a while, but 4~8 smaller sets. That way you have a bit more to look at and I won’t get burned out trying to keep it up. Have fun! Oh btw, someone asked me what the photo would look like without the stockings. So this time I wore the same purple shinny dress but without stockings. Stockings make the leg color look even, but I’m sure there are people who prefer without it…



The purple shinny dress without stockings:

My recent new photos all have different colored lighting, the Led lights I setup in the new bedroom. They can change to any color I pick on my phone.  Let me know if it looks ok or too over the top. Also I will start to take more NSFW photos, photos that shows off my “acient Chinese secret”. Have fun~

Also my new Tumblr page here:   


Very pink maid new photo:

I just got started on my Tumblr page. For those who don’t know, Tumblr is an image blog that can load images by simply scrolling down the page. It’s very nice for phones and tablets and you can discover people who “like” and “reblog” the image and discover more images of the same kind. In my case, Ts/Trans/mini skirt would be the common pictures you can discover. So go have a try, right now I’m still adding older pictures on there slowly to catch up. Eventually this main blog and pictures on Tumblr will match. The link is added to the menu on the right hand side —–>

Also a link here:   


Oh and a very shinny and purple new photo:

Here’s another new photo with the shinny pantyhose many people liked. There have been people asking what’s in my hand in most of the recent photos. I thought it was clear that I always use a camera in front of a mirror. I couldn’t believe “selfie” is still a new concept to some. It’s more of a laziness thing than following a trend. By holding the camera in front of a mirror, I can pose much easier and find the perfect angle. If I use a tripod instead, I rely on timer or remote control and I can’t see what’s actually being captured because the camera screen is too far away. The camera often end up pointing too high or low and crop part of the body.

One thing about the selfie trend I absolutely do not understand is when people cover their own face with the camera, despite the whole idea of a “selfie” is “taking a photo of yourself”, not a faceless body of some random person holding a camera. I see it as a stealth brag like saying “Hey look at how nice my camera is”. If someone wants a selfie for their profile photo, then the face should be shown. Or if they do not want to show their face for privacy reasons, then put up some random landscape photos.


I’m finally done moving out of the old place and moved into the new place. So here’s a quick photo with the new setup~ I still live in Philadelphia, the new place is not far at all from the old place. I’m still unpacking a few things and getting all the small things into place, but all the rooms except the living room are all nicely finished. Oh by the way, this is what I dress like when I go out. Many have wondered what “normal cloth” I wear, so I decided to take one photo a bit more conservative. The skirt is being pulled up in the photo too, so normally it goes down to the knee and blend in in public very well.

About me and Aleksandra, we live about one hour away from each other and both of us live locally. Which means we are available to get together most of the time. We have been together twice now and I’m sure there will be more chances in the future as well ^__^ oh and that means more photos too.


New commission below done by: Loubotix   Click on the image to visit his Deviant Art page. The photo on the left is the original, it has rather low quality. The final CG turned out really good~ There is a version with thigh high stockings, but I chose to post the one without since it’s closer to the original. Enjoy it for now, while I’m occupied by moving. Everything was chaotic but I can almost see the light at the end of the tunnel now. If everything goes smoothly, I should be settled June 1st. I will keep updating this site, and more photos and videos will come as soon as everything goes back to normal~ ^__^


It has been a busy month for me, lots of fun but very tiring too. I did go to the Exxotica (which is a porn star convention for those of you who don’t know), it was very pleasant. I took plenty of photos with some rather famous porn stars, but I rather not spoil the fun and release all the photos together when I finish moving. There will be a more detailed blog about it when the photos are released also. Oh yes, my ad is currently offline since my time is very limited until the end of this month or however long it takes me to move to the new place. Don’t worry I’m not “retiring” lol.

The photo this time is a double with Aleksandra from NJ. Someone mentioned to me that we are a bit similar in personality and the way we do our websites. Then soon after we actually met each other~! Yaay~! Yes there were sexy times after some photos were taken, and yes we live not too far from each other. I’m sure there will be a lot more photos and maybe even videos in the near future~

Here’s her site if you are interested: www.tsaleksandra.com


So I may go to the 2014 Exxotica in Atlantic City on the 11th or 12th, if time permits. The chance is 50 – 50 right now since I have no idea if it can work for my schedule. If I do go then it will likely be on the Saturday, and I will update the plan next week. It goes from 5 to midnight on Friday and 1 to 10 pm on Saturday, and I’m likely to drive over early afternoon and head back home at the end of the day. If anyone recolonize me there feel free to say hello~ I plan on walking around by myself for the most part, but I don’t mind someone to tag along for photos. There will be plenty of photos of me and porn stars at the show, if I do go.

Oh also I have been crazy busy the past 2 weeks, so apologies for the photo delay. Here’s one with a new pose, looks rather nice~

AsianAlison 029

Finally got my first commission/ fanart from Devil-V: 

It’s based on my recent school girl selfie and I love it~! If anyone wish to get a commission similar to this, just click on his avatar above. In fact, I will add a commission/ fanart section and try to get new ones slowly. I use to watch a lot of anime, and ended up burning out from the Bleach never-ending side stories. So I  stick to the ones aimed for older audiences now, much less of the crisis –> power up –> whinny kid save the world cliche. Cowboy bebop and Redline were the last two good ones I can remember. Yes, I am following Space Dandy now.

Interestingly enough, on DeviantArt and some hentai sites, people are judgmental towards anything that’s not their own fetish. I had a really hard time finding someone who won’t simply say no as soon as they see I’m a TS. I even get random strange comments regularly saying how I’m hurting the innocent minds by “confusing” them, and how disgusting for them to fap to my photos. Riiiiight, they ended up on my site or DA page “by accident” I’m sure. Also I guess it’s ok to get turned on by tentacle monsters but not by a Ts. Anyway, I understand the internet brings out all the pricks in the world, but it’s just terrible when the judged turn around and judge others and fail to see the irony. I have a dream that one day everyone can just watch their own favorite porn in peace.




Asian Alison Anime

Before I start my rant against those TS who are criticizing Jared Leto’s acceptance speech, the new photo is at the bottom. The stockings are neon 40 from wolford for those who are wondering. Most of my costumes are halloween stuff from leg avenue and the other seasonal sexy wear makers.

So I’m sure most people have heard about the Jared Leto drama by this point. For the others, everything started from the movie “Dallas buyers club”. Jared Leto played a TS in the film, and won the best supporting actor Oscar  for it. Then he went on to make a very nice acceptance speech on stage. In which he started by thanking his mom and many others that helped him in his life, touched base on the events unfolding Ukraine and Venezuela, then ended by mentioning the hardships LGBT community have endured. Suddenly all the Hollywood trans bloggers all went up in arms criticizing him for being “ignorant”, and “the fact that a man in drag is playing a trans woman, perpetuates the stereotype that we are men in drag.”

For the record, I see absolutely no problem with Jared Leto playing a TS in the film, and absolutely no problem with his acceptance speech. Most of the TS friends of mine don’t understand the “outrage” either. Of course, we are simple east coast people, and we are not trying to make into show biz. The ones who are writing angry blogs about this are mostly in show biz. See the connection? This is not about Cis people vs Trans, or how “he doesn’t understand us”. No, this is about a jealous bunch angry for missing a big production film, while simultaneously hurting actual drag queens, CD, not so passable TS, and their own image. To most of the world, other TS included, these show biz TS bloggers are making the whole TS community look like a group of unappreciative hate mongers.

News flash, Philip Seymour Hoffman wasn’t actually a Scientology mastermind when he acted in “The master”; Leonardo Dicaprio isn’t the actual Jordan Belfort when he acted in “Wolf of wall street”; and Mr NEO isn’t a hacker in real life. Why wasn’t the Scientologists, hackers, and Jordan Belfort up in arms for being played by someone not of their own kind in a film? Because they understand movies are not real. You do not need to be a war vet to play one in a movie, you do not need to be god to be the voice of god, and you certainly do not need to be on hormones or post-op to convince the viewers that you are a TS. Only two things matter, look the part, and be famous. Jared Leto has both.

About the “negative image” argument, I say stop acting like children and be patient. Things you deem broken will take time to be fixed, by throwing a tantrum as soon as the first exposure to the problem doesn’t go perfectly your way will not help. Jared Leto did well in the film, he addressed the problems facing the LGBT community on a global stage, and he showed great humility while doing it. What more do you want? By complaining like a bunch of soiled brats for not getting exactly what you want is far more damaging to our image.


futanari in stockings

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