I’m wearing more seasonal red¬†outfits this time~! Merry Xmars and happy new year everyone~! The more recent photos are taken with a new camera, and they are turning out great so far. I mainly got the camera for videos in the near future, but turns out the photo quality is good as well. An extra thank you for those who got me camera accessories this year, as well as make up and other gifts.

I will be going away from Jan 13th until Jan 20th, taking a little vacation down in Mexico. Don’t worry, I’m still in Philadelphia available before and after the trip. .







I’m staying home in Philly until the end of the year, and here’s a Xmars photo set. Hope you enjoy it like I’m enjoying this warm weather! I normally try to stay inside as much as possible during holiday seasons, it’s always a good idea to avoid going out when the general public is out. This way I deal with less traffic, less crowded stores and empty shelves. People have asked me if Christmas is a thing in China, yes it is. Over there Xmars is mostly a shopping holiday, and malls would have all the seasonal decorations as well. People even wear red sweaters, that’s a tradition for “keeping away bad luck” around new year. So it’s actually not that much different than here, except nobody buys trees to put in their living rooms.





First enjoy a new photo with a little surprise poking out of my skirt ^__^

It’s been a few month since my first trip to New York, it’s time to go back! I will be arriving on the Sunday October 18th and leaving early morning on Saturday 24th. I might start to explore the city more as I get use to traveling there. Maybe next time I will stay through a whole weekend checking out all of the parties too. I will also be preparing for the annul Halloween Henri David Ball after I come back, yaaay! Lots of fun coming soon~

Just got back from a little relaxing road trip going south, and I’m already getting ready to get away from Philadelphia for the crazy traffic this weekend when the pope visits. It will be this weekend 25th~28th. Anyone planning on coming into Philadelphia for business should leave before Friday afternoon. Not only the city traffic will be mostly blocked, but for some odd reason they are blocking the entire i76, which is the only route connecting western suburbs and Philadelphia.

Oh well, I’m sure overall the pope visit will be a good thing for the city. I will try to make it back next Monday, so I’m still available before and after this coming weekend. Oh and lazy selfie this time, with my mirrored butt.


I came back from DC last weekend, and no more traveling for a little bit until mid to late September. I’m being a good girl for now ^__^ , oh but I’m still available here in Philadelphia. Part of the reason is my birthday, which is on the 22nd~! Yaay!! I have plans for that weekend. It will also be restaurant week for waterfront area and northern liberties in Philadelphia, right where I am. So I will mostly have fun that weekend and take care of some chores around the loft that were piled up from my traveling.

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