Fun photo session with a dominatrix, and I tried to look mean but she pulls it off better. I actually took the solo photos with a different outfit, some ppl may not realize since the outfits are both black. She’s a GG btw, and she’s taller than me even without the heels. It’s a very fitting photo set for thanksgiving too. We can give the perfect “thank you” to everyone, either a light spanking, or heavy butt kicking. Perfect for the whole family. Just joking. I do want to give a thank you to everyone, hopefully I made your life a little bit brighter and it has been a wonderful year once again.

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Sorry for the MIA last month, so many things went wrong I don’t know where to begin…… Well good news first, I was at the Henri David Ball in Philadelphia for Halloween this time and it went great!! As you can see I dressed up as a polar bear. Too bad the store didn’t have a panda version of the costume, that would have been perfect. I only included 3 photos since most of the them are very similar.

So now all the bad things happened last month…… as many of you may already know, my air conditioner broke twice this summer. Both caused by condensation problem on the control unit. That has been fixed since before my birthday in August, but the replacement board didn’t work with the heating unit. (My AC and heater are both the same system) I didn’t notice until it got cold for the first time last month. So that same board had to be replace the 3rd time this year. 3 days later, the 15 years old hot water heater tank bursted. That was another pricey repair, and there is still a big water mark left on my bathroom ceiling that I need to repaint. On top of all this a teeth filling came out and that led to a few dentist visits. Finally, everything broken has been fixed by the end of October!! The Halloween party was so important to me not because I want to party so badly, but it marks the day that nothing is broken in my condo.

asian-alison-0599l2 asian-alison-0600l asian-alison-0601l

Just a quick update, I will be going to DC Dupont circle on Sunday July 10th and staying until 16th. I will be coming back to Philly after and no more traveling for a little bit until late August. Here’s a holiday photo, enjoy~! I will take more naughty stuff once I’m back.


Asian Alison 0595N

 I will be in NYC June 26th- July 2nd, Washington DC July 10th- July 16th,

 available in Philadelphia any day not listed above. 

So I have been thinking about getting some minor facial plastic surgery possibly in 2017. This has been on my mind for a long time now, more than 3 years. It’s been on the back of my mind the whole time, but it has been pushed back in favor of other big decisions. Looking back at the past few years, my life has improved a lot. It’s been one big change after another, starting with the decision to move into the city; starting this website; getting a car; moving out of the old rental place; remodel the new place; start traveling a bit, and now it is finally time to look into plastic surgery. Don’t worry, I’m going for a natural look, I won’t get anything over the top. There will be a 2 month recovery time after the surgery, and I will update the timeline on this site once the details are set.

Asian Alison 0586L

Asian Alison 0587L Asian Alison 0588L Asian Alison 0589L Asian Alison 0590L Asian Alison 0591LAsian Alison 0592L Asian Alison 0593LAsian Alison 0594L

Just got back from NYC and I will stay in Philly May 1st-8th, then head to Washington DC on May 9th.

It’s been a good week here in NYC~! This is my 3rd trip here since last year, and it gets easier and easier now that I’m use to packing up for week long trips. I bought some traveling gears for the plane ride to China months ago and they work nicely for traveling by train now. I basically have a whole set of  mini sized traveling items, mini carry-on case, mini computer, mini tripod, but what’s in my panties remain regular sized so don’t worry. Here are some photos taken in NYC, much better quality than the photos taken on my last NYC trip. It’s amazing looking back at the selfies I took on the last trip, how much better they have become.

Asian Alison 0582L Asian Alison 0583L Asian Alison 0584L Asian Alison 0585L

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