Summer is almost over and here comes the holiday season~ It’s such a weird time of year feels completely different depend on where you are in life. Students going back to school, meaning no more fun times on vacation. Summer time is more relaxing to them. People who work in food service see summer as the busy season, lot of stress but also more tips. Retail on the other hand is not bad during summer, but the year end sale season is far more stressful for the same pay. There’s also the 9 to 5 people living in the suburbs, no difference in their lives between seasons. Then there’s people like me, out of school living in the city…… summer time means lots of stupid drunk kids in town, very bad traffic, very long lines in any store, very expensive tickets for anything…… so my favorite season is fall and winter where I get to enjoy the peace and quiet of the city.

This new photo is my fav so far… double ponytail school girl~!! Can’t do much about the messy background, and the floor was damaged like that when I moved in~ please don’t spank me T__T… People have asked me to change the photo background, but you guys need to understand how hard that is. First of all, I can’t just go out and take photos like this and make all my retiree neighbors have a heart attack. Second of all, indoor photo background means I need to get a hotel room every time I want to take new photos and also carry everything I need for the photo shot with me at all times… It’s just unrealistic unless if I work as a full time model. Also no, modeling isn’t something I want to do, most of them have to live off others because only the top models can make a decent living. There are plenty of behind the scenes documentaries listing the facts.


For new TS/CD out there, like I’ve just mentioned above, try not to wear anything too revealing out. Sexy stuff are only great for photos and bedrooms. There’s a right time and place for any type of outfit, learning what’s acceptable is the first step of becoming TS. The rule of thumb is, if a type of clothing may catch negative attention on a regular person, then it will catch the same negative attention on a TS. I keep telling other TS/CD the same thing over and over again, go low key and pass first. There are so many youtube tutorial videos online these days, there’s no excuse in not trying.

Same goes for the whole LGBT community actually. Fighting for equality and rights is not the same as dressing up like a clown and force others to not stare. It drives me crazy when an LGBT person go out in public in an outfit straight from hardcore German porn. You are not helping the fight for equality, you are just making the whole community seem insane. That’s why I’m very against TS/CD follow the make up routine of drag queens. Normally drag queens are indoor performers wearing make up and outfit meant to look outrageous even in low light places, not to be passable or be attractive. If you watch some of the drag talent shows, many of them wear very natural and low key make up off stage. That is the look you want, pick a look that fits you and then put in the effort to learn is the right way to go.

I will put up a quick guide on a few tips and links everything I use soon.

The buttons linking to EROS ad page and TER reviews are up on the side. Read through them if you are interested in booking a date with me. I may be traveling a little bit on the east coast next year if you have no plan on coming to Philly soon. I am not traveling yet, but when I do there will be a trip plan added to the side by the ad button. Btw, I appreciate the responses to my newly added diary entries. There will be some sort of message board added soon too, so all general chats can be put there. Try use Email  if you are not asking about the ad, since reading long texts on the phone is much harder.


Now about the diary I posted last week, I’m glad most people understood my point. The point was about personal responsibility and not discouraging enjoyment. The kid that went all out “YOLO” on his cars is entitled to buy anything he can afford.  However, a normal person can only make such decisions so many times in their lives until consequences start to crush down. I actually have the same car, and that’s how I ended up on the forum discussing it. Except I have a clean record, own the title of the car and a perfect credit score. All of these made my insurance cost about $2500 less than his every year. On top of that he’s paying the insane 7% APR bank loan, which comes down to another extra $1500 a year. All in all he’s tossing away about $4000 extra a year to buy the same thing I have.

Everyone has a big goal in life they are working hard for, houses for most people, maybe the car for the kid, and security for myself. They are willing to give up most other things for the ultimate goal, in the process ignore “timing” completely. The kid could have waited 2 or 3 years until he’s over 25, build up his credit a little bit and finish school. Then he could have owned the same car and end up saving between $5000 to $10000 total on insurance and bank payments for the life span of the car. That was my suggestion and how the argument got started. My conclusion was “the YOLO generation won’t listen to reason until they face consequences, just do whatever they want and don’t craw back ask for help later”

For me, I try to reward myself with small things and save on things that actually matters in the long run. My dream is simply security, a place of my own that I can truly call home. Sure I do like nice stuff like good computers and cameras, but I call them “toys”. Because they are things that can make my life easier, but low on the propriety list. If I can afford them, good; if not, then I will just wait until all other important dreams are met. Hopefully a few years from now my dream will become true.


Business first, I’m considering adding EROS links and TER links to the side, not sure if it’s a good idea… reading up on how other girls do it and if it can get me in trouble or not…… also I just got some new warm lights for videos and new photos, the old ones were way too cold and bright. Hope you guys enjoy my new photos~ From now on I will put a quick update on top and then write a longer blog below for those who want to read.


Now things that don’t matter, I got into an argument with some kid on a car forum. He is 21 y/o, just crashed his last car and trying to buy a brand new one, complaining the dealers taking him for a fool as well as the bank won’t give him a reasonable deal on the loan. I said you can’t bargain when you act like a spoiled brat, go get a used one and something a bit cheaper since you will likely just crash it again. Then suddenly all hell breaks lose: “you are a ‘girl’, you should get something smaller not me”, “I buy everything made in USA, USA, USA” (implying I’m Asian), “It’s his money, he can get whatever he wants”. Mind you he’s getting a 7% apr car loan, which is insane at the moment. Also he is under the age of 25 trying to buy a 2 door coupe with a fresh huge accident, I don’t want to imagine what the insurance would be. Suddenly I see exactly what happened in 2008.

People say you can’t blame victims, but I believe sometimes the victims do need to learn personal responsibility. It’s hard to give them advice and help when people act irresponsibly. Sure, this kid should have the freedom to choose the car he wants even if it means getting plowed in the butt by the banks. Fine, take the car, then he shouldn’t have the privilege to complain about how “evil banks are destroying the world” when the economy goes down the toilet when too many find out they can’t really afford the things they have. The link between causation and effect seem to be very weak in people’s minds these days.

My cousin in China lives from paycheck to paycheck and spends everything on sneakers; a girl I know gets in financial trouble due to gambling; this kid throws away more than a whole year of his income on the same car he just totaled. Who’s at fault? The high housing prices in China, the increasing number of casinos, and the bank and insurance companies? Partially, but the victim themselves are holding the key to fix their own problems, nobody else can fix it for them.



It’s August already >__< time sure pass fast… I just got authenticated on EROS, which confirms the ad is indeed put up by the person in the photos and not some imposter. Well ppl who have met me already know. To get authenticated the provider needs to send EROS a photos of themselves holding something that says EROS and current date, also a form of official ID and they match the face to the ad. EROS is actually very strict about it, which is good. They do check water mark on the ID as well as making sure the text on the photo is clear. I hope this will fix some of the fake photo issues plaguing a lot of the sites. So be sure to stick with “authenticated” girls, as shown by the red seals and red check marks.

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