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I finally took care of all the spring chores, and got some time to do a quick update. These photos are from the last NYC trip. Yes, yes I am still sitting on two photo sets from DC, one from Boston and one from NYC. I will slowly upload them. It’s a bit repetitive when some people nag about it… makes me want to take out my whip and go to town on them (ง •̀_•́)ง . please remember that my photos are all free, taken during my free time and all done with care. Call me a perfectionist, but I rather not to do something at all than to rush it.

The people close to me may already know this, but I’m moving forward on some minor plastic surgery. Which is why I will be taking the Month of August off ლ(╥﹏╥ლ). I will try keep the details to 1 on 1 conversations. Too many people insist on giving unsolicited advice when plastic surgery details were mentioned last time. Everything have been planned out through the past 3 years. I had originally planned to do some minor stuff back then, and it got pushed back when I decided to focus on getting a better place. Looking back, that was definitely the right decision consider the market’s situation back then. So now plastic surgery is back on my schedule and I couldn’t be more prepared for it. Again it’s very minor and the main goal is I won’t have to do as much make up every day, so it won’t change my look much at all.

With the serious stuff out of the way, now we can talk about my photos. This set is just a casual set from NYC, with one sexy preview shot for another set taken in DC ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) that is coming up next. The street shots are mostly taken on 5th ave. A friend of mine wanted to check out the Nintendo Switch event, and I wanted to check out some flagship stores. Come to think of it, I never really took my time and enjoy NYC after all these week long trips. It’s an interesting feeling when the same city can feel so different when you are casually walking around with no purpose versus hurrying along with the crowds. I feel like an observer during the former and part of the crowd during the latter. The city is much more enjoyable with an empty agenda and a relaxed mind. Either way I hope you enjoy this change of pace and maybe I will add a category of casual photos besides the sexy ones.

新照片出炉,不好意思又是隔了好久才更新… 春天没办法,又要做税又要清理东西。而且最近来来去去纽约华盛顿跑了好几次,拍了好多照片也都没来得及发呢。然后网上就好多人过来烦,逼着问我要新照片… 拜托人家是免费发福利照好不好,专业的器具花好多功夫拍出来的,再被催小心我暴走变皮鞭女皇~!!(ง •̀_•́)ง (然后偷偷的承认其实自己一在家呆几天就开始偷懒)

这次的照片只有一张是大尺度,其他都是纽约的街照。大尺度那张一套的下次会全部发出来。纽约的任天堂本店那两张是一个朋友要去看 Switch 的试玩活动,之后就在第五大街逛街。突然发现我在纽约很久都是来去匆匆,即使每次都是在这里住一星期也是很少一整天都能自由的转。自从发现了可以在退房之后把行李都托管在宾馆这个小窍门,我才开始把临走的最后一天定为休息日,纽约也好华盛顿也好可以自由的空手转一天。慢慢发现每个城市在我跟着人流飘来飘去的时候和我自由自在的转的时候感觉差很多。跟着人流有目的的行走虽然感觉自己是城市的一部分,但是也完全不会注意到周围的亮点,脑海里只会有宾馆和目的地。而轻松下来之后才会想起抬头看看周围,完全把自己当作游客的感觉也蛮不错的,即使很熟悉的城市也能找到新鲜感。



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