Daily Archives: December 24, 2016

It has been a great year once again! I took a trip to China and Mexico, as well as some smaller trips to NYC and DC this year. I did get grounded home later on due to back to back maintenance issues with cooling and heating units. It becomes hard to get back into the routine once you take a long break. (translation: it’s just me being lazy when the weather got cold >_<) Don’t worry tho, I will be taking small trips once again in 2017. It’s the same way with taking photos, I get burned out after making a few sets back to back and end up taking a month or two break. Talking about photos, I just noticed the improvements since last year. It’s a good feeling when your works get better after hours of practice and hardships. (translation: the massive camera upgrade paid off >_<)

I will be down in FL the first week of February and I will be sure to take the camera with me. Also I will likely to be in DC Jan 8th-13th, that will be confirmed soon. The photos I took in Mexico while on vacation got very positive feedback this year, so there will be more of those.

今年感觉很充实,又去了墨西哥又回了中国。只不过夏天时候来来回回几次去纽约和华盛顿的习惯被中途打断了,因为家里空调热水气中央电热能坏的全坏了一遍 (其…其实也是我后来天气冷就偷懒宅了) 不过2017还是会偶尔去南北其他城市转转。拍照片也是经常会偷懒一两个月。说到照片,无意中翻看老照片发现去年以来自己的进步很大。很欣慰能在自己不断努力后看到成果 (其…其实主要是去年底买了新相机) 

一月8号到13号应该会去华盛顿,之后二月第一周会去佛罗里达度假。不要怕我一定会带相机滴… 但愿到时候不要偷懒

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