Daily Archives: November 5, 2016

Sorry for the MIA last month, so many things went wrong I don’t know where to begin…… Well good news first, I was at the Henri David Ball in Philadelphia for Halloween this time and it went great!! As you can see I dressed up as a polar bear. Too bad the store didn’t have a panda version of the costume, that would have been perfect. I only included 3 photos since most of the them are very similar.

So now all the bad things happened last month…… as many of you may already know, my air conditioner broke twice this summer. Both caused by condensation problem on the control unit. That has been fixed since before my birthday in August, but the replacement board didn’t work with the heating unit. (My AC and heater are both the same system) I didn’t notice until it got cold for the first time last month. So that same board had to be replace the 3rd time this year. 3 days later, the 15 years old hot water heater tank bursted. That was another pricey repair, and there is still a big water mark left on my bathroom ceiling that I need to repaint. On top of all this a teeth filling came out and that led to a few dentist visits. Finally, everything broken has been fixed by the end of October!! The Halloween party was so important to me not because I want to party so badly, but it marks the day that nothing is broken in my condo.

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