Daily Archives: May 1, 2016

Just got back from NYC and I will stay in Philly May 1st-8th, then head to Washington DC on May 9th.

It’s been a good week here in NYC~! This is my 3rd trip here since last year, and it gets easier and easier now that I’m use to packing up for week long trips. I bought some traveling gears for the plane ride to China months ago and they work nicely for traveling by train now. I basically have a whole set of  mini sized traveling items, mini carry-on case, mini computer, mini tripod, but what’s in my panties remain regular sized so don’t worry. Here are some photos taken in NYC, much better quality than the photos taken on my last NYC trip. It’s amazing looking back at the selfies I took on the last trip, how much better they have become.

Asian Alison 0582L Asian Alison 0583L Asian Alison 0584L Asian Alison 0585L

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