Daily Archives: March 13, 2016

So I’m adjusted after the month of traveling last month. People were asking why I didn’t take any sexy photos when I was in China, but only in Mexico. Well the temperature difference between the two places were about 60 degrees F. There’s no way I could dress like I did in the Mexico photos and go outside at all when I was in Beijing. On top of it, I was staying with family instead of a hotel. Plus, it’s not like I would wear sexy outfits in public even if the weather wasn’t too cold. Just like any other city I travel to, most of the time it’s only possible to take sexy photos in my own hotel room. Like you can see in the mirrors in this new photos set, I set the camera on and tripod and take the shots all by myself. This is ideal for indoors but a huge pain on the outside.


Asian Alison 0569L Asian Alison 0570L Asian Alison 0571L Asian Alison 0572L Asian Alison 0573L

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