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Yaay, I actually finished uploading Chinese new year photos below without falling asleep from jet lag!! Enjoy~! The actual new year is on Feb/8/2016, but since not everyone gets the Monday off, I might as well celebrate it early by uploading my new set of photos. Hope you like this Lunar festival outfit, no, not all the girls in China dress like this during Chinese new year. Well maybe only in certain types of clubs, I wouldn’t know anything about that, wink wink. No no, I really didn’t do much when I was in Beijing this trip. It was SUPER cold there this year, the coldest out of maybe 20 years. I don’t even remember any winters being this cold when I use to live there. The only outfit I can possibly wear out is the polar bear costume with fur. So I only took landscape photos while traveling, unlike the trip to Mexico which was perfect for modeling photo shoots. This Chinese new year photo set is taken at my bedroom again, oh and yes those are sexy dolls with tentacles in the background. I will try go back during a normal season so I can take some outdoor photos with me included.

I know I have been complaining about my jet lag a lot, but trust me, 12 hours of sleep adjustment is basically the worst jet lag you can have. Going to any other place on earth will give you less jet lag than China, well, because it is exactly on the other side of the earth from US east coast. Another fun fact, when my initial flight from Philly- Dallas- Beijing was cancelled and American Airlines put me on British Airways Philly- London- Beijing flight, the two flights have exactly the same traveling time going two opposite directions. The American Airlines ticket was much cheaper than the British Airways ticket if they weren’t given to me for free (due to flight cancellation during the huge Jan/22/2016 blizzard). I actually spend 26 hours going to Beijing and 22 hours coming back. The London connection has extra 4 hours of waiting time. Good part is Heathrow airport is by far the biggest airport I have been to, even surpassing Dallas international airport. Well I don’t know if it’s the biggest, but it sure has more eateries and high end shops. Anyways, speaking of jet lag, I’m off to bed and hopefully I will be adjusted soon.

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