Daily Archives: January 17, 2016

I got to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico safe and sound for a little vacation. This is a very nice resort town on the pacific ocean side of Mexico. The town is in between the hills and the beach, and the place I’m staying at is on the high ground overlooking the ocean. Naturally I brought some outfits for a little photo session, and below are the results. I don’t speak Spanish at all, but most of the locals working in hotel/ restaurants all speak decent English. It’s a town full of vacationers, so everything  is geared towards tourism. The port has cruise ships docked day in and day out, bringing in even more visitors. I will try absorb in as much of the sunny weather as I can and prepare for my Beijing trip next week.

Again, I will be back in Philly Jan 20th – 22nd, then head to Beijing to visit family. I will back in Philadelphia and available again after February 8th.

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