Daily Archives: December 14, 2014

A few updated to this site coming soon, don’t worry it will only become easier to navigate. There was a problem preventing people from sending me gifts if they are not fullfilled directly by Amazon, under the wishlist link to the right. It is fixed now and go ahead try again if you tried to send me a gift for the holiday season~! It may be hard to believe, but without the support from my fans, this site wouldn’t be here. Even a simply reply on various sites and forums I post photos would give me the energy to go on.

So far all of my photos have been free, and the quality have been getting better and better. Looking back, my very first photo set were taken when I first got into college. The camera was a small compact handed down from my parents. If not for the people constantly complementing and encouraging me, I would have never continued to invest more money and time into my own website until it is the way today. Constructive criticism are always welcome, but keep them positive.

Back when I was still updating my youtube channel, there would be people stalking my site and bitch and moan about things. They are still there, sometimes on deviantArt, sometimes on reddit. It always seem funny to me when someone writes a page long essay complaining about free content, FREE content. One of the youtube channels I use to watch got picked up by a TV channel (/drive), and they stopped making full length free youtube videos. People are up in arms about it, one complaint in the comments struck it home for me:”Stop being selfish and post more free videos!!” Yes, people have the tenacity to demand more “Free videos” and call the others selfish. Sure, I will miss the videos that channel use to make, but they deserve to be paid for their hard work.

The internet is filled with spoiled brats, I understand that, but it still stings when people complain every time I put up ads on my youtube videos or when I put up the wish list. Many people, especially young people who have never lived out on their own, paying for their own living expenses, don’t understand the concept of “time is money”. It takes money to buy outfits and camera, and it takes time to take photos with them, then it takes time to put the photos onto my site, not to mention it takes money and time to keep this site up and running. Free content for them aren’t created free. I don’t have rich parents to cover my life, I don’t have a magical donor to pay for everything I do. All I’m asking is a little support from this point on, for the time and money I have spent on various site contents in the past 10 years or so. Thank you.

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