Daily Archives: November 27, 2014

Lots of things to do, and food to eat for thanksgiving! Thank you for everyone that gifted me through the new wish list on the right hand side. I got quiet a few new sexy outfits through the mail yesterday. This outfit is one of them, I will always prioritize the gifted outfits to wear for my new photos.

I use to do the whole black Friday thing with my parents, but now I just check out some deals for cyber Monday. To be honest, with all the stores doing price match with Amazon all year round, black Friday is becoming less and less attractive for me. The real good deals are always limited quantity and often on older models that will go on clearance sale anyway. The whole myth about shops jacking up prices before pricing items on sale is also true. I witnessed it myself…

The current DSLR I’m using was $100 off MSRP a month before the black Friday of 2012. Then the store took away the discount a week before black Friday, then marked it $50 off on Friday morning. So all in all, the store jacked up the price by $50 while making it seem like a black Friday deal $50 off compare to the regular price. So I just follow something that I like fora while and get it whenever it goes anything below MSRP at all.


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