Daily Archives: November 14, 2014

Halloween was fun, Alexandria and I went to the Henri David ball as planned. She ended up winning the “most passable female impersonator”, the same prize I won last year. A few hundred people showed up at the event this year, a bit bigger than last year too. The 10 different pageant category are about the same, mostly judging costumes except the one for TS/CD/drag queens. The orange trophy is for 2014 and the purple is from 2013.

Now about the videos, they should be up in a week. I will put up a link to it just like how I’m linking to EROS and Tumblr on the right hand side. It will be an external site that handles the credit card info for buying my videos and or donations. This site will remain and the photos would always stay free. Basically this site will always be a portal to anything¬†I post online, either locally or on external sites. Looking forward to it!!



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