Daily Archives: September 13, 2014

I’m aware of the huge color divide in the middle of the photo in these 3 new shots. The bottom is the dark couch and the wall has too much contrast against it, I’m still experimenting where to set the lights up in the living room to take decent photos. I usually take 30 shots each week and pick the best 1~5 to resize and edit, and it takes maybe 2~3 weeks until I know how the lighting works best in a certain room. Naked eye and camera are different and the same view appear differently through them. The only way to find out if a photo will look good is taking a photo and look at it.

People regularly give me suggestions on how they would prefer the photos. I often keep them in the back of my mind and some people would keep reminding me of their suggestions. The thing is, I do try them out time to time, and 9 out of 10 times the photo do not come out good. The way I look at it, majority of people like my photos, so I rather trust my own judgement than anyone else. Of course, unless if there’s a suggestion that comes up repeatedly, then I would listen to the masses, or if the suggestion is from someone who is paying just to get a certain shot. Until then, enjoy the things I do as they are usually what the majority of my audiences prefer.


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