Daily Archives: September 6, 2014

The living room is close to finish, as you can see in the back of the new photos. There are still some unpacked items in the back, I kinna like their look against the brick wall. So from now on most of the photos I take will be in the living room, or “studio” rather. It has way more room to work with and I can leave some lights around without running into them at night.

Oh also I started my chaturbate channel, just got age verified  and will officially start to live stream sexy shows. I do not know when I will be online, most likely between 8pm and 11 pm eastern time on days I’m free. The camera test session got 50 viewers, so it seems like people on there like me~ I don’t know any more details until I get the ball rolling, the name on there is AsianAlison and the link is https://chaturbate.com/asianalison


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