Daily Archives: August 31, 2014

Happy Labor day~! Here’s a new set of 3 photos, instead of the 2 per set in the past month or two. Someone was asking about the bra and panty set I wear. I have a few sets of bombshell from Victoria’s secret, like this black leather trimmed set in the photos. Bombshell claims to give 2 cups push up, which is fairly accurate. But like any push up bra, you have to wear them very tightly for the extra cleavage to show. I very rarely wear low neck line outfit when I go out, so more often than not I wear these bras as normal bras with extra padding instead of push-ups for the cleavage.

This is very useful for TS or CD that don’t have visible boobs yet. Instead of wearing a set of normal soft bras with breast forms to make clothing fit, you can wear these which are soft on the inside and rigid on the outside with a very natural and perky looking outline to hold up your clothes. Meanwhile you don’t have to put up with the sticky and sweaty tape band on the breastforms or the extra weight they add which often shift around too much when you walk.


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