Daily Archives: August 22, 2014

Oh, it’s my birthday. Thank you for all the happy b-day messages, I almost forgot myself… haven’t really celebrated in a long time.

Apparently uploading anything animated while abiding different size restrictions on various sites is an art by itself. Imgur, Tumblr, and a few forums all have different size limit for gif files that’s different than regular images. So the larger sized ones I already made couldn’t work, that’s why they are not uploaded yet. I would have to cut down the size quite a bit before they can work. I will try to make them shorter to reduce size instead of making the view size smaller. I’m sure most people would prefer a bigger and more clear gif loops for 3 seconds instead of a smaller and grainy gif that loops for 6.

Anyway horizontal selfies this time, more of the legs and butt people have been asking for. Feel free to reblog my tumblr site posts to other TS/ ladyboy tumblrs, gives me more incentive to take new photos~ Oh also the new living room is coming together, soon I can start on live streaming, perhaps on Chaturbate first.



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