Daily Archives: July 28, 2014

Here’s another new photo with the shinny pantyhose many people liked. There have been people asking what’s in my hand in most of the recent photos. I thought it was clear that I always use a camera in front of a mirror. I couldn’t believe “selfie” is still a new concept to some. It’s more of a laziness thing than following a trend. By holding the camera in front of a mirror, I can pose much easier and find the perfect angle. If I use a tripod instead, I rely on timer or remote control and I can’t see what’s actually being captured because the camera screen is too far away. The camera often end up pointing too high or low and crop part of the body.

One thing about the selfie trend I absolutely do not understand is when people cover their own face with the camera, despite the whole idea of a “selfie” is “taking a photo of yourself”, not a faceless body of some random person holding a camera. I see it as a stealth brag like saying “Hey look at how nice my camera is”. If someone wants a selfie for their profile photo, then the face should be shown. Or if they do not want to show their face for privacy reasons, then put up some random landscape photos.


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