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Finally got my first commission/ fanart from Devil-V: 

It’s based on my recent school girl selfie and I love it~! If anyone wish to get a commission similar to this, just click on his avatar above. In fact, I will add a commission/ fanart section and try to get new ones slowly. I use to watch a lot of anime, since it’s more common in Asia as evening kids shows. I can’t help but feel the newer and popular ones drag on unnecessarily just so the show would never end. So I stick to the ones aimed for older audiences, much less of the crisis –> power up –> whinny kid save the world and other cliches. Cowboy bebop and Redline were the last two good ones I can remember. Yes, I am following Space Dandy now.

Interestingly enough, on DeviantArt and some hentai sites, people are judgmental towards anything that’s not their own fetish. I had a really hard time finding someone who won’t simply say no as soon as they see I’m a TS. I even get random strange comments regularly saying how I’m hurting the innocent minds by “confusing” them, and how disgusting for them to fap to my photos. Riiiiight, they ended up on my site or DA page “by accident” I’m sure. Also I guess it’s perfectly natural to get turned on by tentacle porn but not by a trap. Anyway, I understand the internet brings out all the pricks in the world, but it’s just terrible when the judged turn around and judge others and fail to see the irony. I have a dream that one day everyone can just watch their own favorite porn in peace.




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