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Before I start my rant against those TS who are criticizing Jared Leto’s acceptance speech, the new photo is at the bottom. The stockings are neon 40 from wolford for those who are wondering. Most of my costumes are halloween stuff from leg avenue and the other seasonal sexy wear makers.

So I’m sure most people have heard about the Jared Leto drama by this point. For the others, everything started from the movie “Dallas buyers club”. Jared Leto played a TS in the film, and won the best supporting actor Oscar  for it. Then he went on to make a very nice acceptance speech on stage. In which he started by thanking his mom and many others that helped him in his life, touched base on the events unfolding Ukraine and Venezuela, then ended by mentioning the hardships LGBT community have endured. Suddenly all the Hollywood trans bloggers all went up in arms criticizing him for being “ignorant”, and “the fact that a man in drag is playing a trans woman, perpetuates the stereotype that we are men in drag.”

For the record, I see absolutely no problem with Jared Leto playing a TS in the film, and absolutely no problem with his acceptance speech. Most of the TS friends of mine don’t understand the “outrage” either. Of course, we are simple east coast people, and we are not trying to make into show biz. The ones who are writing angry blogs about this are mostly in show biz. See the connection? This is not about Cis people vs Trans, or how “he doesn’t understand us”. No, this is about a jealous bunch angry for missing a big production film, while simultaneously hurting actual drag queens, CD, TS, and their own image. To most of the world, other TS included, these show biz TS bloggers are making the whole TS community look like a group of unappreciative hate mongers.

News flash, Philip Seymour Hoffman wasn’t actually a Scientology mastermind when he acted in “The master”; Leonardo Dicaprio isn’t an actual con-man when he acted in “Wolf of wall street”; and Mr NEO isn’t a hacker in real life. Why wasn’t the Scientologists, hackers, and scammers up in arms for being played by someone not of their own kind in a film? Because they understand movies are not real. You do not need to be a war vet to play one in a movie, you do not need to be god to cast the voice of god, and you certainly do not need to be on hormones or post-op to convince the viewers that you are a TS. Only two things matter, look the part, and be bankable. Jared Leto has both.

About the “negative image” argument, I say stop acting like children and be patient. Things you deem broken will take time to be fixed, by throwing a tantrum as soon as the first exposure to the problem doesn’t go perfectly your way will not help. Jared Leto did well in the film, he addressed the problems facing the LGBT community on a global stage, and he showed great humility while doing it. What more do you want? By complaining like a bunch of soiled brats for not getting exactly what you want is far more damaging to our image.


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