Daily Archives: February 24, 2014

My new favorite costume and photo! the outfit is very stretchy and form fitting for me, I will be buying a few other color versions of it. Normally each type of costume only look good for a certain body type. For me, anything with mini skirt that show off the legs and mid section will look good, but bare shoulder dresses or teddy don’t look as good. This is one of the lessons a TS/CD needs to learn, find what fits their body. The stockings are gifts from someone who loves stockings, turns out they look amazing on photo~ I will try wearing more shinny stockings in the future.

People have been getting anxious to see my new videos. There will be more coming after I move I promise~ The moving won’t start until late March the earliest, and I will still be available until then. Hopefully everything can be done within a week or two once it starts, exciting times. I will be adding a wish list for some items I may need for the new place soon. Sharing links have been added below every page too, feel free to link to your social media if you want. Oh yes, I will give a quick tour of the new place too. I will also be starting live cam shows once I settle in my new place, more room makes a lot of things possible. Porn is also a possibility, but I will start with solo stuff and see how it looks. All of the links will be added on this site, so once something is out, you will see it added right here.



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