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So a lot of people have asked me if China is less accepting of the whole trans idea vs the US. In general, most Asian communities have a lot more “old school” mind sets that do not fit into western life style or even fit with the modern times. Things like eating a certain types of food during certain holidays are fun, but others like “Everyone needs at least one male child to keep the family name” becomes heavy burdens on people. So new ideas like LGBT were not even widely known until recently. However, most of the hardcore close minded conservatives grew up in the propaganda era, and their influence is diminishing as time pass. The younger generation are very open minded, the 90- and 00- gen are very in-tune with  western trends like hipster culture, hiphop, and LGBT issues. So the society on average see trans as exotic and taboo, going to Thailand for the ladyboy shows is quite popular during the golden week long holidays. (It’s a thing in both China and Japan to work the scheduling magic and combine days off into a week long national vacation.)

Modern make up and plastic surgery also help a lot. Like I always say, the world is unfair. The same person can quickly change their mind about trans issues based on how passable you are. It sounds judgmental but  it makes sense, people fear unknowns. A more passable trans person will appear more familiar to people so their fear goes away. Also similar to south american TV, the Chinese TV is filled with soap and drama. Trans person getting onto talent shows quickly become a trend when Harisu(하리수/河莉秀) first exploded in south Korean media. The key word is “伪娘”, aka “trap”, meaning fake lady. You would see one on TV getting 15 minutes of fame. Because of this, even the most old school people are getting use to it. (also the tradition of old school Beijing opera only cast male to crossdress female roles helped a bit.)

However, people only like to watch and talk about trans, they normally don’t like it when it’s their own family member they have to deal with. It’s the opposite of the US actually. People in China would talk about it when it’s all fun and games, but turn old school close minded when they have to deal with one in person. Where in the US from my experience, people would avoid talking about trans in front of their friends and family, while secretly love it behind close doors. I simply pick and choose the people that are ok with me to associate with, while working hard to avoid dealing with anyone who are not. This way, both societies are no different from my personal point of view, since I will be surrounded by the same type of people. Good way to keep myself happy.

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