Daily Archives: January 25, 2014

So I went to a strip club for the first time a little while ago. I was wearing almost the same set as the photo below, except with black stockings on. The club is known for better looking girls but down side is some of them can be a little pushy. Honestly I didn’t know what I was excepting. The bouncer at the door seem to be overly nice, guess they don’t see “female” customers there often. The inside is similar to most other clubs in the area, an old warehouse turned into a cool looking loft with glass stairs linking the girls’ resting area on top and the main floor. New girls would come down for every song, and join the main floor to talk to customers after their dance. Many of the girls have the “serious sexy face” when dancing, but often drop it briefly when they look at me or the other female customers. It’s very similar to when two CD/TS notice each other in public and exchange the “hey comrade” look. When I went to use the bathroom, the dancers in there would just say “hey” like talking to a familiar co-worker. I’m sure because it was a Friday night and a lot of part time girls showed up for the busy night so they don’t really know each other. Still, being able to blend in there was neat. Also luckily, the cigar and shot girls weren’t being very pushy with us. I assume their primary targets are the guys by themselves. All in all it was a lot more pleasant than I thought, basically a very relaxing lounge with a show.


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