Daily Archives: October 10, 2013

It’s been a busy month this September, I get motivated in picking up big tasks right after my birthday every year. Nothing seems important until time start to run out…… That’s why I like fall, also because Halloween is my favorite holiday. Oh yes, who would have guessed the day I can go out in anything I want is my favorite day~ Plus, the day after Halloween you can walk into any seasonal costume stores and pick up a ton of outfits for half price. This is almost the only time when “Going out of business sale” signs are true. Most of the photos this month will be Halloween/ Oktoberfest themed.

I do have a bone to pick with people who complain about the sexy costumes. No, I’m not talking about the sexy costume themselves, I’m talking about people who talk about them. Every other comedy show in this season, every other youtube comment under a Halloween video will have something to say about it. “All women turn into sluts on Halloween”, “Anything can turn into a costume if you put ‘sexy’ in front of the name, am I right?”, “This is objectifying women!!” How about STFU and let the free market decide? If a store makes a lot of money off of sexy costumes, they will not stop selling because some random jerk on the street doesn’t like it. Plus, if everyone is offended by them then nobody would buy them and they would be gone a long time ago.

Worst are the “white knights” who think they are doing women (and TS) a favor by stopping the sexy costume trend. The insults toward the costumes will only make the people who wear them feel shitty. It’s just like when people criticize magazine covers and their use of make up and photoshop. Sure, the goal is to make regular people feel better, but what about others who do use make up? These types of complains will not effect those who share the negative opinion since they won’t be buying or using them in the first place. So for me, I say just shut up about it. Everything happens for a reason, if enough girls/TS buy sexy costumes then it’s not up to anyone else to change their minds. If you enjoy the make up or costumes, then have fun; if you don’t like them, then leave the people who do alone.

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