Daily Archives: September 8, 2013

Summer is almost over and here comes the holiday season~ It’s such a weird time of year feels completely different depend on where you are in life. Students going back to school, meaning no more fun times on vacation. Summer time is more relaxing to them. People who work in food service see summer as the busy season, lot of stress but also more tips. Retail on the other hand is not bad during summer, but the year end sale season is far more stressful for the same pay. There’s also the 9 to 5 people living in the suburbs, no difference in their lives between seasons. Then there’s people like me, out of school living in the city…… summer time means lots of stupid drunk kids in town, very bad traffic, very long lines in any store, very expensive tickets for anything…… so my favorite season is fall and winter where I get to enjoy the peace and quiet of the city.


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