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This new photo is my fav so far… double ponytail school girl~!! Can’t do much about the messy background, and the floor was damaged like that when I moved in~ please don’t spank me T__T… People have asked me to change the photo background, but you guys need to understand how hard that is. First of all, I can’t just go out and take photos like this and make all my retiree neighbors have a heart attack. Second of all, indoor photo background means I need to get a hotel room every time I want to take new photos and also carry everything I need for the photo shot with me at all times… It’s just unrealistic unless if I work as a full time model. Also no, modeling isn’t something I want to do, most of them have to live off others because only the top models can make a decent living. There are plenty of behind the scenes documentaries listing the facts.


For new TS/CD out there, like I’ve just mentioned above, try not to wear anything too revealing out. Sexy stuff are only great for photos and bedrooms. There’s a right time and place for any type of outfit, learning what’s acceptable is the first step of becoming TS. The rule of thumb is, if a type of clothing may catch negative attention on a regular person, then it will catch the same negative attention on a TS. I keep telling other TS/CD the same thing over and over again, go low key and pass first. There are so many youtube tutorial videos online these days, there’s no excuse in not trying.

Same goes for the whole LGBT community actually. Fighting for equality and rights is not the same as dressing up like a clown and force others to not stare. It drives me crazy when an LGBT person go out in public in an outfit straight from hardcore German porn. You are not helping the fight for equality, you are just making the whole community seem insane. That’s why I’m very against TS/CD follow the make up routine of drag queens. Normally drag queens are indoor performers wearing make up and outfit meant to look outrageous even in low light places, not to be passable or be attractive. If you watch some of the drag talent shows, many of them wear very natural and low key make up off stage. That is the look you want, pick a look that fits you and then put in the effort to learn is the right way to go.

I will put up a quick guide on a few tips and links everything I use soon.


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