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The buttons linking to EROS ad page and TER reviews are up on the side. Read through them if you are interested in booking a date with me. I may be traveling a little bit on the east coast next year if you have no plan on coming to Philly soon. I am not traveling yet, but when I do there will be a trip plan added to the side by the ad button. Btw, I appreciate the responses to my newly added diary entries. There will be some sort of message board added soon too, so all general chats can be put there. Try use Email  if you are not asking about the ad, since reading long texts on the phone is much harder.


Now about the diary I posted last week, I’m glad most people understood my point. The point was about personal responsibility and not discouraging enjoyment. The kid that went all out “YOLO” on his cars is entitled to buy anything he can afford.  However, a normal person can only make such decisions so many times in their lives until consequences start to crush down. I actually have the same car, and that’s how I ended up on the forum discussing it. Except I have a clean record, own the title of the car and a perfect credit score. All of these made my insurance cost about $2500 less than his every year. On top of that he’s paying the insane 7% APR bank loan, which comes down to another extra $1500 a year. All in all he’s tossing away about $4000 extra a year to buy the same thing I have.

Everyone has a big goal in life they are working hard for, houses for most people, maybe the car for the kid, and security for myself. They are willing to give up most other things for the ultimate goal, in the process ignore “timing” completely. The kid could have waited 2 or 3 years until he’s over 25, build up his credit a little bit and finish school. Then he could have owned the same car and end up saving between $5000 to $10000 total on insurance and bank payments for the life span of the car. That was my suggestion and how the argument got started. My conclusion was “the YOLO generation won’t listen to reason until they face consequences, just do whatever they want and don’t craw back ask for help later”

For me, I try to reward myself with small things and save on things that actually matters in the long run. My dream is simply security, a place of my own that I can truly call home. Sure I do like nice stuff like good computers and cameras, but I call them “toys”. Because they are things that can make my life easier, but low on the propriety list. If I can afford them, good; if not, then I will just wait until all other important dreams are met. Hopefully a few years from now my dream will become true.


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