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Business first, I’m considering adding EROS links and TER links to the side, not sure if it’s a good idea… reading up on how other girls do it and if it can get me in trouble or not…… also I just got some new warm lights for videos and new photos, the old ones were way too cold and bright. Hope you guys enjoy my new photos~ From now on I will put a quick update on top and then write a longer blog below for those who want to read.


Now things that don’t matter, I got into an argument with some kid on a car forum. He is 21 y/o, just crashed his last car and trying to buy a brand new one, complaining the dealers taking him for a fool as well as the bank won’t give him a reasonable deal on the loan. I said you can’t bargain when you act like a spoiled brat, go get a used one and something a bit cheaper since you will likely just crash it again. Then suddenly all hell breaks lose: “you are a ‘girl’, you should get something smaller not me”, “I buy everything made in USA, USA, USA” (implying I’m Asian), “It’s his money, he can get whatever he wants”. Mind you he’s getting a 7% apr car loan, which is insane at the moment. Also he is under the age of 25 trying to buy a 2 door coupe with a fresh huge accident, I don’t want to imagine what the insurance would be. Suddenly I see exactly what happened in 2008.

People say you can’t blame victims, but I believe sometimes the victims do need to learn personal responsibility. It’s hard to give them advice and help when people act irresponsibly. Sure, this kid should have the freedom to choose the car he wants even if it means getting plowed in the butt by the banks. Fine, take the car, then he shouldn’t have the privilege to complain about how “evil banks are destroying the world” when the economy goes down the toilet when too many find out they can’t really afford the things they have. The link between causation and effect seem to be very weak in people’s minds these days.

My cousin in China lives from paycheck to paycheck and spends everything on sneakers; a girl I know gets in financial trouble due to gambling; this kid throws away more than a whole year of his income on the same car he just totaled. Who’s at fault? The high housing prices in China, the increasing number of casinos, and the bank and insurance companies? Partially, but the victim themselves are holding the key to fix their own problems, nobody else can fix it for them.



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