Daily Archives: July 29, 2013

If you followed this site since the big update, then you should have noticed the new way I update photos – one at a time but more frequent than before. This is much easier to keep up for me personally, also video and diary updates will keep up about the same pace too. On a side note, the new video should come soon as I’m experimenting with some new make up and lights. I just got a set from Dermablend, it’s famous among many crossdressers and Ts. It took me 2 trys to the store to get the color right, even tho the first foundation seemed to match when I tried it in the store. I will be posting a guide, but to match your actual skin color and hair color, there’s no way around trying out things in a store. For those who are not very familiar with CD/TS issues, the first trip to a make up store can be very intimidating. Anyways, I will be working on some new buttons on thie site first before moving onto the rest.

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