I had a good thanksgiving, finally got some free time to upload new photos
Oh, I found out my site can be accessed from China without bypass now
so I will make this site dual language.
————Latest Blog Entry————

Fun photo session with a dominatrix, and I tried to look mean but she pulls it off better. I actually took the solo photos with a different outfit, some ppl may not realize since the outfits are both black. She’s a GG btw, and she’s taller than me even without the heels. It’s a very fitting photo set for thanksgiving too. We can give the perfect “thank you” to everyone, either a light spanking, or heavy butt kicking. Perfect for the whole family. Just joking. I do want to give a thank you to everyone, hopefully I made your life a little bit brighter and it has been a wonderful year once again.

这次是和一个金发S女拍的片,好厉害的说。她不是伪娘,个子竟然快1米8,出门人人都看她完全把我无视 T_T。 合拍跟独照里我穿的是不一样的,一个是黑皮百褶裙另一个是条纹迷你。这次上照片正好赶上感恩节,所以我在这里感谢下今年所有来捧场的人。以前都以为只有美国人来这里看,现在才发现冷落了中文”读者”们。论坛上好多人都不知道我说不说中文,我是北京人,中文其实很好,所以以后会尽量双语发帖。


asian-alison-0596l asian-alison-0597l asian-alison-0598l asian-alison-0602l asian-alison-0603l asian-alison-0604l asian-alison-0605l asian-alison-0606l asian-alison-0607l

asian-alison-0599l2 asian-alison-0600l asian-alison-0601l

Asian Alison 0586L Asian Alison 0587L Asian Alison 0588L

Asian Alison 0589L Asian Alison 0590L Asian Alison 0591L

Asian Alison 0592L Asian Alison 0593L Asian Alison 0594L

Asian Alison 0582L Asian Alison 0583L Asian Alison 0584L Asian Alison 0585L

Asian Alison 0577L Asian Alison 0580L Asian Alison 0578L

Asian Alison 0579L Asian Alison 0581L

Asian Alison 0574L Asian Alison 0575L Asian Alison 0576L

Asian Alison 0569L Asian Alison 0570L

Asian Alison 0571L Asian Alison 0572L Asian Alison 0573L

Asian Alison 0563L  Asian Alison 0565L

Asian Alison 0566L Asian Alison 0567L Asian Alison 0568L

Asian Alison 0557L Asian Alison 0558L Asian Alison 0559L

Asian Alison 0560L Asian Alison 0561L Asian Alison 0562L

Asian Alison 0556L Asian Alison 0555L

Asian Alison 0549L Asian Alison 0550L Asian Alison 0551L

Asian Alison 0552L Asian Alison 0553L Asian Alison 0554L










            New place   


         asianalison school girl selfie      Babydoll cosplay

   http://i.imgur.com/YeHEmWM.jpg   http://i.imgur.com/I4OofBO.jpg   http://i.imgur.com/i4rA35b.jpg   http://i.imgur.com/emHaI4Xs.jpg   http://i.imgur.com/rFlmn6D.jpg

http://i.imgur.com/5OJ2rW7s.jpg   http://i.imgur.com/8zWabSos.jpg   trans selfie   http://i.imgur.com/BJ28XlV.jpg   Asian Alison 0001   trans selfie

Asian Alison 0003   Asian Alison 0006   Asian Alison 0009   Asian Alison 0008   Asian Alison 0011   Asian Alison 0002

   Asian Alison 0013   Asian Alison 0004   Asian Alison 0010   Asian Alison 0007   Asian Alison 0005


Letting the Little Pet Hangout




Surprise In the Bedroom




Almost Naked Maid




Sexy Teacher With Glasses



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