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The office lady look is back~! The photo is taken in the new office room as well. Bedroom is visible in the back for those with good eye sights. The outfit have appeared in other photos before I believe, and it is my favorite. Pencil skirt suits are my favorite all around outfits. The short shorts with shirt I wear during summer always look casual and may not fit certain places when you go out. Unlike suit sets, which is easy to take off or keep on the jacket and make it look either business or casual. Also for winter, simply swap the jacket with a thicker coat. For those CD/TS who asked about where I normally shop for my outdoor clothes, these are from Express. They sell plenty of business casual looking outfits that can help you blend in most places without looking too bland. A lot of CD/TS love to start cloth shopping at sexy places such as bebe and the Victoria’s secret pink collection. The fact is, not everyone can pull off body hugging clothes like yoga pants. For those that knows their body type, anything can work. But more casual outfits are safer bet for those who just got started and trying to pass.



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