Trying out directly embed from Imgur for my new photos, it’s a lot easier for me to upload. Don’t worry, I will restructure the site soon all together to make all the older photos view-able with this new format. Lots of things to do, and food to eat for thanksgiving! Thank you for the people that gifted me through the new wish list. I already received many of them. This outfit is one, I will always prioritize the gifted outfits to wear for my new photos. I use to do the whole black Friday thing with my parents, but now I just check out some deals for cyber Monday. To be honest, with all the stores doing price match with Amazon all year around, black Friday is becoming less and less attractive. The real good deals are always limited and require too much effort. The whole myth about shops jacking up prices before pricing items on sale is also true. I witnessed it myself… The current DSLR I’m using was $100 off MSRP a month before the black Friday of 2012. Then they took away the discount a week before Friday, then on black Friday they marked it $50 off. So all in all, the store jacked the price up by $50. So I just follow something that I like for a month and be happy if I get a decent deal on it instead of waiting for a big discount seasonal which shops are likely to run out of stock.








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